Three Interesting Stats

This just to whet your curiosity ; my reading this am includes :

Russia has overtaken Saudia Arabia as China’s chief oil supplier. Geopolitically I suspect this is significant in that it forges a closer relationship between theses two big world powers. Source Bloomburg .

There are more Americans moving to Mexico since 2009 than Mexicans moving to the US . What this means is difficult to say . Of course, most Americans that move to Mexico do not walk the southern border and no doubt are better off than those moving north. Additionally , in recent times a lot of border crossings coming north involve Central Americans , not just Mexicans. Source: Pew Research and Barclays Research .

The fraction of Supreme Court decisions in the US since 1932 favouring  the President was at its lowest level under Obama.  Source: Wall Street Journal quoting a study by scholars: ‘The End of Supreme Court Deference to the President? Lee Epstein & Eric Posner* January 20, 2017.’ Theses are two Professors of Law , Epstein at University of Washington in St. Louis and Mr. Poster at University of Chicago.



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