The Princeling’s Sayings and Actions

What is it with our Junior Trudeau.

He’s having great difficulty determining  who he is and what he stands for. Some years  ago as a newly minted MP he mused about how great China was, went around in the last election deliberately promising to spend more of our money than the Government would collect , and making all sorts of other promises  that will cost many millions with no clear idea provided as to how all this ‘stuff’ was to be paid for. He and his Environment Minister went to Paris  and unloaded the Treasury on dubious international programs while we at home line up to see a doctor , and wait months for basic diagnostic services and surgery. People are going to Hospital Emergencies more and more  for more trivial medical matters because they either do not have a doctor ( the number being floated about is 3 to 5 million with out a family doctor in this country) or have to wait too long to see their doctor.

Then , this past Christmas he allows himself , family and friends to visit a wealthy person , on that person’s tab: transportation room and board. This person is reported to receive in his foundation millions of dollars from the Government that out Junior leads. I have quoted  on this blog the relevant conflict of interest legislation which clearly shows a breech of that legislation. It is not complicated and more money is unnecessary to demonstrate the breech . Lordly , lordly, could you imagine the furor if that was that terrible fellow called Harper who did such a thing. The ‘left’ would be all over it with calls of resignation from all quarters. The Ottawa and central Canadian media would have a field day.

And now after that Caribbean caper  our tanned Princeling decides to tour the country and listen to Canadians. But listen and speak in what language?  Well, if you are in Quebec , and you ask a question in English , you will get an answer in French . The bilingual Canada Papa Trudeau promoted does not apply.

Then he is in Ontario musing about the demise of the oil sands , that place that helps pay for equalization in six Provinces and health and education funding in all Thirteen Provinces and Territories. Nice call ! Now, of course, he misspoke .

Oh, no doubt some of you are upset with these remarks and excuse Junior , citing inexperience. Well , have you noticed ? He just put to pasture two of the more experienced people that were in his cabinet . And I hear people are worried about Trump?  Didn’t he just help us out by announcing that he will try and get our oil sands oil moving , that stuff  on which  the Princeling  misspoke ?

Now , I must go and fill up my tank with —gas, drive those asphalt roads , live under those asphalt shingles and count the weeks to my medical test.

Have a great day!


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