California Dreamin—–

Did you see the news story of some people in California wanting to leave the Union? Apparently it started in earnest in 2014 but has gained momentum as a result of the Trump victory,  given that California voted massively for Hillary Clinton.

Apparently the organizers have to get over 500,000 signatures by July to move the effort along and get in on a ballot in 2018. The State Attorney General has approved for this part of the proceedure to continue.

Of course, it is a bit of a dream —even if the state in referendum voted in favour , the process is rather daunting in that two thirds of both houses of Congress would have to approve and two thirds of the Governors . But that’s not all! As Hawaii and Texas have discovered , the Supreme Court has ruled that there is no constitutional proceedure for a state to secede.

Lots a luck to those Progressives!

Of course, there is the small matter of finances. Right now California is one of the most indebted of states . If ,right now , it was independent it would rival Greece in its financial position.

Silicon Valley might be good ——but I am not sure the techs of the valley would want to live in that kind of  new environment. As far as Hollywood goes ——-make a good movie, I suppose .

And wouldn’t you like to see those leftist Hollywood types begging the IMF or World Bank for a bailout?



2 thoughts on “California Dreamin—–

  1. Stat a media company for the Californians, warn them that the mercury is more of a danger than carmel colouring. Be their soda popinsky of journalism. Burst their carbonated bubbles.


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