Christians and Syrian Refugees

As noted in the previous post  there is evidence that few Syrian Christian Refugees entered the US since the Syrian crisis began. According to the evidence only 56 out of a total of around 10,000 refugees were Christian. It is reported that 10% of the Syrian population is Christian . Hence , one would think that around 1000 of the Syrian Refugees to the US would be Christian. Apparently , one of the reasons given for this is that the Jordanian refugee camps from where the Syrian refugees were taken have few Christians. I do not know if this is valid or not. It looks as if the Trump  Order , in part, is to correct this imbalance.

It got me thinking about Canada, my home country, and I attempted to find the numbers here. It has proven to be difficult . On the Government website dealing with the topic no religious affiliation of the refugees is given in any of the charts I examined. All I could find was an article in the Ottawa Citizen of September 2015 where it was alleged that there were far more Syrian Christian Refugees coming to Canada under a private sponsor than through government sponsorship. Apparently,  many of the private sponsors are Christian individuals and organizations and they have developed channels with Christians in Syria. Then I thought well , if that is the case , and to ensure that minority rights are as much a part of the Syrian Refugee Program as they are in the country at large , all the Government has to do is seek advice of the Christians.


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