Our Former Governor General Gets Nasty—So What Else is New .

From Canadian Press

‘OTTAWA — The deadly weekend massacre in Quebec City illustrates how Canada is in danger of being “smothered” by the “ugliness” south of the border, former governor general Adrienne Clarkson told a citizenship ceremony Tuesday.’


Did you hear,  Honourable Adrienne , about the school here in Canada that refused to accept an Israeli ? Or did you ignore that to take a cheap shot at our neighbours? Of course,  under  public pressure the school had to back down . Now,  that would be something right here in our own country that deserves comment by someone like our former GG. Oh, no . Go across the border , have a crack at a nation, a people , make it so general that it is sort of anonymous . Luckily , no one down there is listening .

I do not remember this honourable lady getting all upset about the Obama ‘s lies , the false Peace Prize ,  the horror of Iraq and Syria , the insults to Israel , records of people on food stamps , the murders in Obama’s home city, Hillary’s e-mails etc.

Or attacking her darling PM for taking free rides and staying free  with billionairs who get money from the Government , refusing to speak English in Quebec ,  musing about closing out one of our largest industries, breaking a promise by tripling our deficit , by violating NATO commitments —

Your smothered by our neighbours’s ugliness are you ?

Well , I am smothered too,—– but with your hypocrisy.

Enough of you already!

PS–Perhaps our former GG should read some Quebec news :
CBC Most Viewed

Quebec City mosque posts video showing bloody scene after deadly shooting

Suspect in mosque shooting a moderate conservative turned extremist, say friends, classmates

Montreal police arrest Kirkland man accused of online hate speech targeting Muslims

Intolerance, xenophobia have permeated political rhetoric in Quebec

Witness arrested in Quebec mosque shooting isn’t holding a grudge

Quebec City mosque attack suspect Alexandre Bissonnette charged with 6 counts of 1st-degree murder

Only 1 suspect in deadly Quebec mosque shooting, police say

Words can be knives’: Premier urges Quebecers to cool the rhetoric

Spike in calls about hateful comments since mosque shooting, Montreal police chief says

Muslim leaders in Quebec City find it difficult to ignore tensions that preceded shooting



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