Iran Deal, Canada’s Position

Earlier this morning there was an opinion piece on the CBC website in which the author advanced the view that Canada  should really stay strong on supporting the deal nothwithstanding the obvious Trump administration objection to it. I went back to re read the article but it has disappeared.

Now, of course, we are all entitled to our opinion and I appreciate views from all sides.

But is this really something Canada should get all agressive about ? The article never mentioned that Iran just tested more ballistic missiles ( and it won’t be turnips that will be placed on these missiles later)  , contrary to UN Resolutions , or that it continues to support Assad of Syria, sponsors terrorism all over the Middle East and has a checkered record when it comes to human rights. Of course , to mention these things would not fit the narrative being advanced . And although these are facts that  I have stated , let no one accuse the author of his own bit of fake journalism? How politically incorrect that would be!

Canada really is not on very solid ground on such matters. If there was a major war tomorrow on our continent could we defend ourselves ?  Ha! Are you joking? Of course, we cannot. Why, we would have to depend on our neighbour , now would’t we. That ‘ugliness ‘ that our former Governor General talked about the other day ; just a day or so after senseless killings , ugliness , in Quebec, Canada.  That is where our support would come from. So the ground is a bit shaky, you might say , as it relates to Canada ‘s bona fides in such matters. Give em the gears and then depend on them to defend you?  Some neighbour!

As I mentioned the other day, Canada does not even pay its way in NATO , of which it is a full member. The arrangement is that each member is to pay 2% of its GDP .  Canada pays less than half ! The US pays a little over what it is suppose to pay. Put that in your pipe no smoke it!

I remember the Lebanese incident of a few years back when Canada said it would  help. Only problem was we did not have any large lift aircraft to carry our heavy  equipment. It was the ‘Ugliness ‘ to the south that helped us out.

Who is our largest trading partner?

So we have put ourselves in a position where we look pretty silly when we advance views like this author did on the CBC website.

Would you like to sit across from a Trump trade negotiator and have to answer about NATO , our week military, our necessary exports to the US , our support of Iran ‘s position etc before getting on to NAFTA provisions?




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