Canadian Federal Liberal


Federal Liberal Motto:

There is no problem that a good  bureaucratic response can’t cure.

In the wake of the Quebec City shootings the Federal Liberals  are at it again. Set up something in response to all problems.

And so in typically knee jerk style the Federal Minister announces some sort of National Centre . Global News reports:

‘Ottawa’s  planned national counter-radicalization centre will help root out lone wolf and copycat attackers – no matter what kind of messaging inspires them, said Canada’s public safety minister, a week after one man was charged for shooting and killing six Muslim men at a mosque in Quebec City.’

There you have it , just throw some more money at it ,  with more bureaucrats and presto the problem is solved —–well politically , I suspect.

Who is to define this? What constitutes radicalization ? Given the progressive nature of this Federal Government I would be reluctant to leave it to them to define such things. They are so far to the left that a strong conservative could get wrapped up in that net.

If the Government is real serious about this , I suggest a get together with the Provinces and come up with a National Civics Course for the schools from coast to coats to coast. Such a course would include concepts like civic duty and responsibility, the rule of law,  representative and responsible Government ,  the nature of our governance system including municipal , provincial and federal. How our country developed politically. The responsibility of of voting. And many other such concepts.

Now, that would be a wise use of our money. Contrast  that with what is now on order.


3 thoughts on “Canadian Federal Liberal

  1. Mr. Peckford I thoroughly agree with you!!! It seems to me that a few short years ago two of our CANADIAN Soldiers were murdered in Ottawa and Quebec and the general Public just shrugged their shoulders and said Oh Well . There was no National Mourning , crowds did not parade on the Streets condemning the Muslim Actions nor did thousands attend Christian prayer services for the Murdered Soldiers . What is wrong with our society today!! Why do we not condemn other religions for their actions , but be so quick to condemn and be shamed when a Christian does something? I agree with you that this Liberal Gov’t will do anything at any price to gain attention. Don Olsen


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