Sink Hole –Bombardier–Don’t Expect a National Protest

Here we go again.

Bombardier gets a Federal interest free repayable loan of $372.5 million.

What a joke, repayable is?

They got $ 1.3 billion of repayable loans already and have paid back less than half , only $590.5 according to a report from Global News last year.  And Global could not find out what the payment schedule was and whether there was interest on that pile of money.

Does that sound like the Government you voted for a little while ago when Junior was travelling around talking about honesty and transparency? Of course, it is not politically correct to say that too much in many circles —–as I have found out .

Just imagine if you had paid less than half the income tax you owed? You would be hounded and jailed . Or a small businessman who owed some reyable loan to the federal Government . I remember three small businessmen being hounded for Federal Tax money it turned out , after I intervened and appealed on their behalf, they did not owe! I was personally hounded twice for money I did not owe.

Want some more salt for the wound? This Quebec company was also ‘given’ $46.2 million by the Federal Government ! Given , a grant! No interest , no payback —-! So reported Global News in that report I mentioned.

I wonder  if that company was in Manitoba , British Columbia or Alberta, if the same Federal Largess would be provided?

I mean this is a scandal by any measure.

But I suspect it will be a one or two day news item —-a yawn and then no more .

We will get more excited by US rumours potentially affecting us , even though the new US Government is trying to help get our oil moving south .




2 thoughts on “Sink Hole –Bombardier–Don’t Expect a National Protest

  1. Yup. Bombardier is a privately controlled company. Why the federal Liberals give them money or loans is foolish. Let them either survive without taxpayer help or go bankrupt. I never buy stocks in Qubec based companies after I saw how the Quebec government intervened in the Lowes planned takeover of Rona. I similarly never buy stocks in family controlled public companies. Why can’t the fed Liberals adopt similar investment rules?


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