Rumour and Inneuendo

Tug of War

There is some  intense’war’ going on in and around Washington , D. C.

The so called news is fostering all kinds of Russian / Trump links , all without the evidence to support such statements. This morning the papers, websites are ablaze with them . Tucked in a Reuters story ,for example , which otherwise plays loose with words about Congressional concern( Three Republican  Senators , two being perpetual renegades , McCain and Graham) is the paragraph which admits that there is no evidence to suggest any wrong doing in any dealing among Russian and American communications . But the article in many more words leaves the impression that there is all kinds of nefarious things going on and all kinds of investigations have to start as a result of just rumour.

William Jacobson , the Cornell Law Professor ,says on his blog Legal Insurrection,  , that if there is some real stuff , then those perpetrating the rumour should come forth with the evidence to justify all these proposed probes. Wall Street Journal Columnist Daniel Henniger, usually a sober observer , invokes the word Watergate. A little over the top based on what we really know.

That is not to say that all is rosy in the last week at the White House. Better co ordination is necessary etc . And obviously the Intelligence Community is upset over criticism by the new President ‘s accusatory tweets , but it is to say that rumour and heresay are hardly the stuff of serious investigation . As Senator Cruz said yesterday,  where was the concern in 2012 when Obama talked of greater flexibility with Russia. Remember Hillary’s Russian reset? My God Hillary must be in bed with the Russians. No, no there was no such consternation.

Trump has got two big problems . One . No on in the establishment( media, bureaucracy of all types)  likes him. Almost all do not want him there. Two, his tweets , especially those negative towards the establishment , exacerbates the division and divide.

The next few weeks will be very interesting ones indeed.


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