Boy, It is getting Bad with the the Mainstream News!

I used to recommend the Associated Press to people looking for an objective source for news. Not anymore.

Since the election of President Trump the news reporting by that organization has certainly deteriorated.

Again today it quickly reported a so called news story about the new Administration considering using the National Guard to remove illegal immigrants Etc. Apartently this all began with an internal memo in the bureaucracy that had not reached the bosses in any of the relevant agencies, but it reached Assocaietd Press and that was enough without checking with the heads of the relevant agencies to carry it as almost a fait accompli. Here is one statement by AP

‘Trump weighs mobilizing National Guard for immigration roundups.”

Trump has not even seen the memo!

Since being carried Homeland Security has said this is not policy or will be, and so has White House. If AP had checked first with these agencies of course there would be no story.

And such stories from AP get carried verbatim by thousands of news organizations. I just looked up radio station CKNW in Vancouver, BC , and sure enough the story is carried.

Oh, the so called memo has now been released and even if it was true it showed the National Guard entering into agreements with relevant state agencies to assist in handling  of known criminals.


4 thoughts on “Boy, It is getting Bad with the the Mainstream News!

  1. The first sign of a dititactor is to try and stiful the free press….u probably know a few countries where that exist…I think that should exist in the USA, then canada….and that would make people like me and you really, really happy….then throw them in jail for a few years….the buggers….


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