Trudeau and Federal Liberals Discriminate

If you had any doubt about the nature of the Liberal Government in Ottawa you will have none now . They are pro Islamic. Oh, so many were maligned when this was raised last year by some commentators . Now the chickens have come home to roost.

A Federal Liberal MP put a motion on the order paper asking for a committee to look at Discrimination of Religions etc in our society. .

But no, not all religions really . She signalled out in the resolution Islamphobia in particular .  Why signal out one when we all know the anti semtiicism on our campuses and other forms of religious  discrimination. Why not look at it all equally.

The Conservative party introduced an amendment which talked about possible discrimination relating to all religions. This is what should be studied  , they said.

This amendment was supported by the NDP, the Bloc Quebecois , and Elizabeth May of the Green Party.

The Liberal Majority defeated the amendment .

In other words our Princeling and his Federal Liberal  Government want to highlight any Islamphobia , and all other religions and possible discrimination against them comes second or not at all.

Ironic isn’t it that in bending over backwards on possible discrimination against one group you discriminate against all others.

This is the nature of this Government .

One wonders if some secret campaign promise is at work here.

The majority of Canadians,  if given the chance , would not support the Liberal Government on this offensive discrimatory position .




2 thoughts on “Trudeau and Federal Liberals Discriminate

  1. I’m thinking the Aga Khan (Islim) gave a substantial donation to the Chretien made (Trudeau Foundation).
    It’s a total joke where we are going, Democracy in Canada is lost.
    Where a Government that has only 39.6% of the populace vote controls the other 60.4% of Canadian voters, there is something absurdly wrong with this.
    How can we fight it?
    I will be one of the first to be put in jail if this should go through, what happened to Freedom of Speach


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