A little ‘Round Up’

Back on the Rock and ‘the land God gave to Cain ‘

1.Thanks to the many , many hundreds of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who read my last blog concerning the inept Provincial Government. It was the largest response in a four or five hour span in the life of the blog .

The old country .

2. Now, if someone had said the Conservatives in Britian would win a byelection now, almost everyone would say –no way. Well they did and in a riding that has not seen a Conservative since 1935 . Here is part of the news story carried by the Wall Street Journal :

‘Election results released early Friday showed the Conservative candidate Trudy Harrison took 44% of votes in Copeland, a constituency in northwest England, while Labour’s Gill Troughton came in second with 37% of more than 31,000 votes cast. The election marked the first time a governing party has taken a seat from a rival since 1982 in a byelection.

The Conservative Party wrote in a tweet: “Welcome to Trudy Harrison: Copeland’s first Conservative MP since 1935!” Ms. Harrison said the victory was a “truly historic event.”

Take that all you media elite who have constantly lambasted the Conservatives on their Brexit policy.

When is it going to be realized by these elites that there is life in the nation state . Sovereignty is important. Having some say and feeling that your voice still counts matters. Having bureaucrats in another land dictate matters that affect you directly will never go down well in the Anglo sphere. There is too much of representative government principles in that land , thankfully.

Back in Alberta

3. The Fraser Institute has a new report out showing  how the Alberta deficit is a spending issue. And a separate story about how The NDP Green Agenda in that Province cost one billion dollars just this year. Ah, yes, tis spending alright –and if Alberta is not careful they will join the other basket cases who have gone down that road–California and Ontario . And if not for euros from the rest of Europe  , and a Government pull back on the green stuff , Spain would be wrapped in the morass as well.

When the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine , how nice it is to have some oil and gas around!

Ah! Tis simply wonderful!

Enjoy your day!


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