Such People Should be banished –Governor Jerry Brown and the ‘State ‘ of Governance

Sometimes its better not to get up in the morning .

I just read an article about Governor Jerry Brown of California in the Wall  Street Journal :


Updated Feb. 24, 2017 7:30 p.m. ET

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday called for tens of billions of dollars to overhaul California’s aging network of dams, highways and other infrastructure, in the wake of devastating rains and snow that nearly collapsed a spillway at Oroville Lake and buckled roads and bridges across the Golden State in recent weeks.

In all, Mr. Brown said California has $187 billion in unmet infrastructure needs, including $50 billion in flood-control work. Failure to invest that money would subject the nation’s most populous state to “apocalypse and absolute disaster, which is a real possibility,” he warned at a Sacramento press conference.

This is the tax and spend fellow who intends to try and evade Federal  Authorities and continue to have sanctuary  cities and towns of illegal immigrants costing untold millions of dollars with the one hand  and then with the other hand beg that same government for $187 billion of new money on infrastructure .

What happened to all that money he has spent to make California the most indebted state? Like his political sister in Ontario he has been too busy catering to the greenies , and the political’ correctees ‘ while the basic real stuff was ignored.

Both should be banished by the electorate.


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