The ‘Creepy ‘ Trudeau Hat Trick

First Personal Ethics

He takes freebies in transportation and board and lodging from a person who receives money from his Government. Does that sound wrong to you? Like conflict of interest or  some such idea.

Second , Domestic Policy -Pro Muslum

Favors studying discrimination against Muslims over all other  religious  discrimination . Like there is no anti Semitic stuff around . What about the students at McGill recently?

Third, Foreign Policy/Investment

Agrees with a Chinese Investment company taking over a major senior care company in BC.

When asked by acting Leader of the Conservative Party who owns the company Trudeau answered :

‘Canada is a trading nation that relies on engagement with countries around the world to create good jobs in Canada and to create economic growth,” the PM offered, unhelpfully. “We have a policy that allows us to draw-in global investments to create jobs and opportunities for Canadians while at the same time ensuring that they are in Canadians’ interests, and to the benefit of our country as we move forward in a thoughtful and responsible way. That is exactly what we did in this case.”

Are you any wiser on ownership ? Transparency ? Nope .

Silly to ask such questions . That was for the election campaign and that’s long over.

Now , be good, and throw your hats on the ice!


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