The Oscars  had their worst TV Ratings in 9 years. Serves them right. A botched best picture announcement and preoccupation with politics shows that they really are in ‘LA La Land. ‘

Oil prices have taken a dip on more signs of increased American shale oil production.  There still seems to be a disconnect with speculators and their confidence in , understanding of , the ability of shale producers to ramp up production. They need to take a visit to shale country.

And to top off this  morning , the Trump sons are coming to Vancouver, BC ,  today for the opening of the new Trump Tower. Of course, Mayor Moonbeam and his troup  of misguided souls are boycotting the event. This while the Premier of the neighbouring Province has just visited Washington to push cooperation and Canadian authorities are scrambling to prepare for a new and different American administration . Part of this adjustment has to do with new talks on NAFTA and negotiation of a new soft wood lumber deal. This new softwood lumber deal just happens to be very important to BC. But it looks like the Mayor and some of his council could care less about their Province and country.

Of course, any day now thy will be looking for more money from both the Province and the Federal  Government .



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