President Trump’s Speech to Congress–First Thoughts

Well, he could not win the nomination of the Republican Party. He did

He could not win the Presidency . He did

He could not speak properly . He just did!

He could not be Presidential.  Looked Presidential to me.

The delivery of the speech . Seemed pretty good to me.

Of course , he just does not have the temperament ? Well, too soon, I agree but so far, not bad.

The themes developed in the speech are all familiar . They represent his campaign themes and his promises . And as everyone is finding out , this fellow seems intent on keeping his promises. What a novel idea!

A . The Economy–

Removing the barriers to Dakota and XL Pipelines —already done

Removing burdensome regulation –every new one two old ones to go

Proposed tax bill –lower taxes on business and middle class

Massive Infrastructure Bill  Proposed

Free trade must mean fair trade

Buy America

B . Security—-

More money for law enforcement

More money for military and veterans

C. Immigration

Removing ‘bad’ illegal immigrants–begun

Proposes to build the wall on southern  border

Stricter  vetting of immigrants –already begun

New legal immigration policy

D. Education

New bill emphasizing school choice for all students

E. Healthcare

Eliminate and replace Obamacare

F. International

Nations must pay their share in international bodies like NATO

This now starting to happen

Eliminate ISIS

‘My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America.’


The Republicans must be united if Obamacare to be eliminated and replaced. That means the leaders in the House  and Senate must be squarely onside .  And they just have two years to be sure it gets done. Cannot depend on the midterms .

The same goes for tax changes and the infrastructure program .

It is assumed that there will be expenditure reductions in many Departments and Agencies . This could become contentious.

No doubt expenditure reduction and a stronger economy are the factors the Administration thinks will pay for the new  programs .  Will this materialize?

It will be interesting to see what the projected deficit will be. Hard to see a surplus in the first two years. If the economy takes off then surplus possible in third year.

The Democrats really can’t stand the President. I suspect it is the first time in history that thirty days in and the opposition is talking of impeachement. Of course, no evidence to advance such a silly idea. But they will furiously oppose and frustrate, and obstruct.

Worth watching is how they(  Democrats) handle programs like the infrastructure program which will no doubt be popular.

I think they would be wise to refrain from obstruction on the Supreme Court nominee.

If Trump’s overall program gains traction with the people the Democrats will have to be smarter than they are now projecting.












One thought on “President Trump’s Speech to Congress–First Thoughts

  1. Brian well said.
    I believe also it was a masterful display of strategy, accidental or deliberate, for him be as aggressive and outrageous in this first 7 weeks culminating in today, repeating all that he’s already said but in a far more measure and control way. That he was inclusive rather than divisive when in front of this large American audience; publicly, passionately calling for a cooperative effort from all legislators, to work to improve the plight of the American people was, in my mind, brilliant. I particularly like that he defined his task, to protect America and the American people first and that he saw his role to be leader of America and not the world or the United Nation as was so often the case with his predecessor.


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