Whose Happy With The Direction of Their Country ?

Very interesting numbers from the World Economic Forum from a poll they did last October. The polling firms involved surveyed 25 countries and asked how many were happy with the direction of their country. Only 8 countries had  50% or more of their people saying there were  happy with their country’s direction. In other words the majority of people in these twenty five countries are unhappy with the direction their country is taking—actually it averages to 63%.

Who are most unhappy with their country’s direction:

Mexico , France, Sothe Korea,South Africa and Brazil

Who are most happy with their country’s direction?

China, Saudia Arabia, India, Russia, and Argentina.

So , I guess we should not be surprised when we see or read about unease or turbulence in many countries.

I am sure there are many who would point to the fact that most of those happy countries are ones that are undemocratic and hence question the validity of the numbers. But there you have it for whatever it’s worth.




One thought on “Whose Happy With The Direction of Their Country ?

  1. Yes, interesting those countries…….we were just down in Argentina and from the little we gleaned from the Tour Director, there is still a lot of dissatisfied citizens – there are the relatives of the “missing” who still meet every Saturday morning in the Square – there are those who feel they have not been honoured as Vets from the ‘War’ – and there are those who don’t say anything but certainly we got the impression the economy is not good, the wages pathetic, and the living standard not good.

    Having said that, as a tourist in BA we had a wonderful time – despite the broken sidewalks and a few other things.

    cheers, s


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