American Politics : It’s Messy , If Not An All Out War

Things are real messy now in the ongoing wat between the new Trump administration and critics including many in the main stream media and the Democratic Party.

It has all come to a head with the latest issues dealing with the new Attorney General  , Jeff Sessions.  He has been accused of doing irregular and wrong things before he was Attorney General. Investigation is ongoing on this and Mr. Sessions has removed himself over having an say as Attorney General over these investigations.

But what did he do to register such indignation?

He met with the Russian ambassador twice while a Senator but when he also was supporting candidate Trump. Once at a meeting arranged by the Obama administration where Senators would speak to ambassadors to give them a better understanding of the political party convention system . Apparently this happened in Cleveland . So various senators shook hands and said hello to various Senators after the Senators had given their speeches. The second meeting was at Senator Sessions senate office . Senator Sessions is a member of the Senate  Armed Services Committee and it was in that capacity that he. met the Ambassador.

It is being alleged that these meetings were ones that Senator Sessions  should not have been involved in given he was supporting Donald Trump. But he was still a Senator as the Obama Administration acknowledged  itself in having him to speak at their own meetings. So this is puzzling.

Now add to this the unusual situation regarding Mr. Flynn and you have a very messy circumstance.

Leaks are happening almost daily implicating certain people involved with the Trump administration.

Now , Mark Levin ( conservative commentator with his own website and TV Show—Conservative Review) and other pro Trump supporters are fighting back.

What makes this ‘ fighting back’ very interesting is that there are now accuasations by Mr. Levin and others that US federal Government Intelligence Agencies were secretly doing electronically  surveillance at the Trump Tower last year. Now President Trump himself is saying this.

This is given credence as a result of an detailed article by Andrew McCarthy , former federal prosecutor , and writer for The National Review .  In an article in January he detailed efforts by the Federal Government to get approval( by applying to a Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court)  for surveillance at the Trump Tower. This initial application was refused but a second more narrow application was made that McCarthy says was approved and surveillance ensued. The whole nature of such operations are secret , although McCarthy says that the Intelligence Agencies were seeking information on possible ties of Trump or his companies to Russian Banks . The problem is whether there really was sufficient evidence to warrant such invasive activities or not or whether it was a deliberate attempt to ‘witch hunt’ Trump .

The problem in America now is that so much of the mainstream media had invested so heavily in the Clinton Campaign and have since the election being caught out on so many false negative news stories about Trump that anything they say now is highly suspect. Hence , enter the Conservative News Outlets who are supportive of Trump and who are now presenting credible rebuttals to issues like Attorney General Sessions , and are raising serious questions about the nature and extent of intelligence agencies and their  power to do surveillance . 

All of this goes to the very heart of the US  Federal Government system and should be of concern to all who value a fair and honest democratic operation.




2 thoughts on “American Politics : It’s Messy , If Not An All Out War

  1. What a mess……dare we even think the media has whipped the public into such civil unrest it does lead to …….
    I feel really sorry for the elected president – he is managing to “keep going”, but the cost must be huge.


  2. Lol….”crybabies”, sorry for trumpie, Sandra . Seems some six trumpie seeogrets met with the Russian ambassador spy, some hade several meetings or phone calls including trumpie’s SIL, during the later part of the campagine. A full blown investigation by a federal prosecutor is required to restore confidence in our democracy, like watergate, and let the chips fall where they may….GOP, Dems, media, rigt wings, left wings, but most of all for the people and democracy….


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