Trudeau’s government just spoke to the Trump administration about climate change
By Carl Meyer in News, Energy | March 3rd 2017.’ 

This is the headline on the website National Observer that I just read. So what?

Obviously,  they did not get the memo or read the news . The blinkered left !

The new American Administration is reducing the barriers to growth , some of which have weak science on their side. The Dakota Pipeline is being encouraged as is the XL pipeline . These projects have received the necessary approvals under law to proceed. Even the Alberta NDP are pushing such efforts.  American oil  rigs drilling for shale oil have been increasing in the last few months , more American oil is being exported , even to eastern Canada , and gas powered electricity is increasing in the US. And as I referenced on an earlier blog even NewYork State , that  has outlawed fracking are paradoxically using more natural gas for power generation than an they were using last year .  Going greener causes more fossil fuel burning! Go figure.

About time these folks entered reality . Or—-

If Canada wants to go green –then let’s not be two faced about it. Come right out with it!  Agitate to stop the pipelines , agitate to stop the coal from BC , agitate to stop the fracking in BC. Agitate to stop the natural gas exports—-

While were at it better stop the asphalt shingles, and asphalt highways , and outlaw the wood stoves——–

We told the Americans did we———how good is that!

Now that’s laying down the law —

And the Americans can’t stop laughing.



2 thoughts on “OH, YA?

  1. …..and heard recently……..Germany (who is/has phasing out their nuclear and fossil fuel plants, found it has been too cold and no wind for the “green energy” windmills and solar panels to function…………consequently, there wasn’t enough electricity to cover needs for the country in January……………oh?….nobody figured that out????


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