Spying On Trump Looks Very Likely

Circa News is reporting that in fact there was a Foreign Intelligence  Surveillance Act warrent issued in October , 2016  that did surveillance on Trump and/or Trump people .

It concerned allleged irregularity by Trump and Russian Banks. Apparently there was no irregularity,  it is now being reported.

One has to ask whether this surveillance had legitimate reasons to so investigate in the first place.

Leaking  information from such surveillance is a felony in the US. And there as was a leak to the Washington Post concerning Lt. General Michael Flynn. So a crime has been committed under The Espionage Act.

A second surveillance action also happened . Circa is reporting  this second one also involved wire tapping on Trump people by the FBI.

Apparently, people in the intelligence community are very upset that the record has been confused and they want to set it all straight.

Of course, WikiLeaks has dumped a lot of CIA material . It is being reported that the CIA has the capability to tap your smart television, IPhone etc. No problem.

And read this:

It is being reported that The CIA has the capability to do surveillance on you and have that surveillance look like it came from some foreign power. How do you like that?

Now, this means the attack on the Democratic Party back a few months ago could have been done by Americans but having the capability to make it look like it was the Russians.

Stay tuned!




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