What Holland ( and Europe) Have Wrought

The chickens are coming home to roost as the massive multicultural policies in Western European countries finally show their tragic consequences.

The Dutch Government fearful of a move to the right by the electorate in the upcoming elections has stopped certain Turkish Cabinet Ministers from speaking in their country. Turkish born ‘citizens’ of Holland still can vote in Turkish elections and a pending plebiscite in Turkey providing even more power to President Erdogen is on the ballot. Turkish Ministers are eager to get the vote of these people.

Oh, what the progressives have wrought!

So you now have two problems : one inside Europe of large populations of migrants, immigrants ,whatever , who live in their own  areas , thanks to failed multicultural policies which have given rise to anti multicultural parties, and another on its borders , Turkey, which is increasingly becoming autocratic and Muslim oriented in its government , but yet has close ties to Western Europe. Germany even did a deal with Turkey :  you  keep some of the  migrants in Turkey( so they don’t come to Germany)  and we will give you more money , make it easier for your people to come to Germany and also smooth your application of entry into the EU.

Meanwhile back in Holland, Geert Wilders , a anti multicultural politician , doing well in the polls in the upcoming election , sees the Government there suddenly adopting some of his policies to prevent him from coming to power.

This sudden reversal by the establishment  is not because they suddenly have changed policy course but rather they see their power diminishing.

The plunder going on throughout Western Europe and now this political disruption is a stark reminder that without integration policies being a integral part of immigration  programs North America is at risk of similar problems.

The irony of it all is that the Turks remain in Holland, a democratic country, while some of them are supporting anti democratic measures the President in Turkey wants to implement. Of course, the social services are more generous in Holland than in Turkey and they have free speech.

I remember a few years ago some middle easterners living here from undemocratic countries wanted to return temporarily to their country of origin but to return when they wished to ,as they said themselves , to receive the social benefits of being a Canadian.



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