Not Just in US Universities

Carleton University in Ottawa Ban Scales At School Gym Due To “Triggering” Some Students

1, March 13, 2017 by johnathan turley

Carleton University has students and some faculty upset over a decision to remove scales for its gym because, according to one students, “scales are very triggering” for people with eating disorders. Some asked if mirrors would be next. However, that decision was already made in one dorm in Bucknell University where mirrors were covered in an effort to promote “body positivity” and “self-love.” Various schools have similarly adopted “mirrorless Mondays” to combat eating disorders and triggering episodes.
Students and some faculty have launched a campaign #bringbackthescale” while Bruce Marshall, manager of wellness programs at Carleton, “we will weigh the pros and cons and may reconsider our decision.”

One approach would be to leave it up to individual students on whether they want to use a scale but not remove scales because some students could be “triggered.” Indeed, Marshall indicated that the decision was not based on any complaints over the presence of mirrors in the gym.

It seems that from speech restrictions to equipment removals, universities are increasingly allowing those with heightened sensitivities to dictate conditions on campuses. I think that campaigns to address eating disorders are laudatory and important. However, blocking mirrors for other students or removing scales is not, in my view, a logical or fair approach to this very real problem.


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