KPMG Caught in Canadian Tax Evasion Scheme

And still get $93 million in contracts  from the Federal Government .

Question: Who can you trust?

Answer: No one !

Here you have it.

KPMG has been caught offering well healed Canadians investments in the Isle of Man with the purpose of having these Canadians avoid paying taxes in Canada. Such is the revelation by the CBC which led to many questions by Opposition Parties in the House of Commons yesterday.

And to add insult to injury we learn that the Government actually offered amnesty to some of those who cheated. As I understand it ( stand to be corrected) this means that if these cheats pay the back taxes , no charges would be laid for breaking the law.

Nice deal, eh?

And as I said at the outset the Government contracted with KPMG since 2006 whereby KPMG earned $93 million.

Not bad —-Gottcha twice!

The story is at CBC News online.

P.S. KMPG still argues its innocence but the Federal Government says its continuing  already begun legal proceedings against the firm and their clients.





2 thoughts on “KPMG Caught in Canadian Tax Evasion Scheme

  1. We watched this report on Fifth Estate – in horror of the inequitable treatment for some…..and what was more appalling is that one of those cheaters was given the Order of Canada! And still not even stripped of that honour – which is even MORE appalling……CRONIES HELPING CRONIES disgusts me.


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