Dutch Stick With Status Quo

According to exit polls the Dutch , although taking seats from the Government party,  still has them giving  them the most seats in the new Parliament  at 31 . And given that two other parties have 19 each at this point it is likely that a coalition without Geert Wilders party is the most likely outcome.  Most if not all the parties said they would not join with Wilders party.

It is in my opinion that given this result the likelihood of much  change in either France or Germany later this year is unlikely. There is always a lot of juicy headlines but that is just to sell papers . The PM of Netherlands in the last week or so took a harder line on Turkey and that seemed to be enough for many in to stay with the Governing party. Whether, therefore,significant change on the present immigration policy in the Netherlands is likely is an open question. I suspect some tweeting at the edges is about all that will occur.

So for all the sound and fury, the more things change ——————-.


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