Republicans Have to Learn From Bismarck

Otto van Bismarck –“Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best”

Trump’s reform agenda is stalled .

His second ‘watered down ‘ immigration order has been rejected by a liberal judge in Hawaii . Given the earlier rejection of the first order this was not unexpected. Liberal minded judges think that the religion argument overrides the clear meaning of the Immigration Act of Presidential power.  This judge even mentions comments by the President in the campaign as if that means more than the wording of the executive order which was before him for adjudication. Anything it seems to delay or stimy the new Administration. I suspect the Supreme Court will validate Trump’s actions.

But equally one has the dilemma of Conservative Parties. They are almost by definition a more unruly group than Liberal Parties. The right of the Conservatives is  less of a compromise group than the left of of a Liberal Party. We can see this play out now in America.

The Obamacare Act was a blatant rejection of the expressed promises of their leader :  keep your doctor, keep your plan and it will be less expensive. All broken with the passage of the Act. Nancy Pelosi even said that the Act would be read after its passage, no need to read and understand it before passage. Additionally, it broke the leader’s promise of transparency . Never mind. All the Democrats got behind it and mumbled their disagreements behind closed doors.

The Republicans? Notwithstanding the small voting margin in the Senate which dictates a careful first approach to repealing some aspects of The Obamacare Act , and that the Seretary of Healh will deliver a second series of actions to further erode that Act, plus a commitment to additional legislation resulting in further erosion, the right of the party  are not amused. Are not on side . And are very vocal about it.

We will see where all this leads . Now , one can be impressed with some of the principled positions of the ‘ real conservatives’ and I am , but one has to be cognizant of what is the political process and what is possible.

Looking out over the next four years , it seems to be that Republicans will have to learn the art of governing . I used to say two steps forward , one step back.

Some respect for Bismark’s statement seems in order.



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