CBC Trys Hard for Analysis , But Fails

Here is one of the latest headlines leading to a short  essay on Obama’s foreign policy.

“Obama wanted to improve the US Image Abroad –what Went Wrong? ”

Is the author serious?

Does one need to ask?

Is this that complicated and deep that one has to ask now after eight years?

Is it not obvious that a new President that receives a Nobel Prize for peace before he has a has a chance to do anything is a little over the top?  What great analysis is needed here? Political correctness had already blossomed with the Nobel Crowd.

Then,  when one begins Foreign Trips as President by apologizing for America’s exceptionalism does’t one know that this is a course leading to a flawed foreign policy.

The Russian reset leads to a Crimea take over and all America and Europe can do is wring their hands and pretend some sanctions on Putin’s cronies would be of some value. Analysis?

The snubbing of America’s only true friend in the Middle East, Israel,  has to rank as one of the  biggest foreign policy disasters in decades. An  Obama linked group actually  went to Israel to try and help unseat the siting Prime Minister. Does this need more thought?

The Syrian red line ? If it is shown that chemical weapons were used in Syria the red line will have been crossed , Obama explained. And what happened? Nothing! Oh, yes, something happened alright—the Russians smelling weakness,  moved in and with their military propped up the very man Obama wanted to remove. More thought needed here?

Then to add insult to injury Obama watched while former President Bill Clinton ( and because his wife was Secretary of State)  helped  his Russian cronies gain access to urananium in America . Is this complex?

And so it goes —-this brilliant lawyer from Harvard , with what the partisan NBC called the Dream Team , demolished any semblance of an American Foreign Policy worth the name .

Lest we forget.  The CBC notwithstanding!




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