Three Sad Canadian News Items This AM

I awake and turn on CBC Radio early edition with the host  Rick Cliff. He has his business reporter check in about the Dakota Pipeline saying it may see oil passing through the controversial project this week. He says this adding that this is going ahead even though there are legal actions underway and that the line passes under a sacred lake according to local aboriginal groups . Nowhere does he say that on Saturday a Federal  District Court rejected an action by the local aboriginal group to delay the project. Nowhere does he say that the project has passed all legal tests . That’s CBC reporting for you .

Then I hear that the BC Government’s celebrated bill to better regulate political donations died on the Order paper. This is the bill that the government introduced only days ago after pressure from the public to halt the unsavoury corporate donations to the Liberal Party. There is an ongoing RCMP investigation  about certain donations to the party. However, immediately after introduction the Legislature closes without the Government calling the bill which they could have done and with their majority see it passed. Now the bill is dead. The Legislature is closed until after the election in May .  Democracy in action, you say?

The Federal  Government is set to introduce its budget on Wednesday. The National Post Newspaper is reporting that the Minister is feeling good in that the deficit  may be lower than last year. It is all in the framing isn’t it. With almost a $30 billion deficit last year somehow we are to be satisfied when ‘ the deficit is less’ not that we should be mad that there is one. That’s  fiscal responsibility for you.



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