What? U. S. Democratic Party Russian Connections?

Who would have guessed it? Remember John Podesta ?

That strange fellow who acted as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager? Well, he has a brother Tony, another good Democrat , of course.

Well, you know all about that alleged Russian connection with President Trump and/or his associates that the Democrats have been pushing? ? Alleged , since nothing has been found untoward.

There is another connection with the Russians. This time it is Tony Podesta. According to the Daily Caller and the One America News Network ( I guess it will be hard to find on the mainstream media), Tony, through the Podesta Group , has had dealings with a Russian Bank named the Sberbank .

According to Wikipedia , John was a co-founder of Podesta Group.

According to the article this is the Bank that was involved with the Unranium One company in which Bill Clinton was connected that saw the company gain ownership of uranium deposits in the USA ( Willow Creek, Wyoming ) as well as in Kazsakatsan and other countries. .

According to the Company’s Financial Statements that I found online for the year ending December , 2016 Uranium One is owned 100% by The State Atomic Energy Company of Russia.

So , Russia owns very valuable ore for nuclear power in the USA thanks to Bill Clinton and the Podesta Group . Frank Gustra of Vancouver, Canada , a mining executive , was also involved at some point and contributed heavily to the Clinton Foundation.

According to Wikipedia The Podesta Group lobbied on behalf of Uranium One.

What a co-incidence ?

The Podesta Group lobby for Uranium One i.e. John and Tony; Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton( Secretary of State) and the Clinton Foundation , Sberbank in Russia connected , meetings of Bill Clinton and Frank Gustra in Kazsakstan with the leader of that country , contributions to the Clinton Foundation , Uranium One gets uranium interests in Kazsatastan and the US. In 2013 A US Committee reviewed the Uranium One investment.

So all this weeping and gnashing of teeth by the Democrats over Republican Russian Connections?

Is this what Trump means by the swamp?

What’s that saying——‘People in Glass Houses—–.’


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