Bottom Line –Canadian Budget –Red—-

If you go to Canadian Department of Finance , then click Budget Plan, then scroll down to near the end , click Annex 1, then scroll down to Table A1.5 you will get this :

Budgetary Balance—   In Billions of dollars –here that means deficits unfortunately

Year 2015 -16 ___________ -1

Year 2016-17____________-23

Year 2017-18____________-28.5

Year 2018-19____________-27.4

Year 2019-20____________-23.4

Year 2020-21____________-21.7

Year 2021-22____________-18.8

Is this what you call living within your means ? Interesting last year of that ‘evil man ‘ Harper , just -1billion deficit 

Net debt –Billions of Dollars

Year 2015-16______________693.8

Year 2016-2017____________ 716.3

Year 2017-18______________ 745.9

Year 2018-19______________774.4

Year 2019-20______________798.6

Year 2020-21_____________   820.8

Year 2021-22______________829.8

Without the ‘spin’ , in not one year do we balance the budget and hence in not one year does the net debt stabilize or go down. 


2 thoughts on “Bottom Line –Canadian Budget –Red—-

  1. Comparatively speaking how do these numbers compare to nl where the deficit is in the 2 billion range and the debt is in the 20 billion range. Then taking into account the population is just over half a million, decreasing and aging, and in canada 36 million and increasing approximately by our population each year. At what stage will nl have to declared bankruptcy or insolvency….


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