Trump , Ryan Drop The Ball, But The Pipeline Approved

There will be a lot written and many fingers pointed but in the end whether one likes it or not it all comes down to leadership . And on the New Health  Care Bill—the Rupublican leadership blew it—-big time.

You cannot go around saying repeal and replace and then see your efforts to really do that go up in smoke–64 days in to your mandate.

I said in an earlier post that it is only too well known that Conservative Parties are more difficult to m an age than Liberal ones . And today the Republican Party displayed that in spades. The so called freedom caucus , the far right of the Republican Party , were in no mood to compromise , even though Trump and Ryan moved in their direction.

This bill was important , not only for a new direction in health care in the US , but just as important was that it would give fiscal room for the leadership to move on tax reform, one of their other big policy reforms. The money that was to be saved in the Heath bill was to used to offset the tax reductions in the new tax Bill. That is no longer there now .

So, now, the tax reform package becomes more difficult. Keep tuned.

Unfortunately , this defeat overshadows the formal approval by the President today of the Keystone XL Pipeline —and if some state issues and other local issues can be overcome , this action is very positive for Canada as well as the US. So , as much as Trump is despised in this country , he has done more for Canada on this one signing than Obama did for Canada in eight years in the White House .

Some day , if the project proceeds,  there will be anti Trump Canadians who will reluctantly admit this was a very positive action.


2 thoughts on “Trump , Ryan Drop The Ball, But The Pipeline Approved

  1. Not failed leadership, just the normal day in the life of a buffoon. He made many bad deals in his firmer life, including bankrupetcy, but the law of averages give him some good deals, and a bit of luck gave him a few great deals, the rest was strong armed tactics, deceit,bribery and croocked work to make him a millionaire. When he is dealing with mainly honourable, knowledge and people working for the best interest of their constitutes, he will fail every time. The same tactics don’t work. May as well call a spade a spade, and they will all realize that over time.


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