Can I Put This in Simple Terms?

American Intelligence

All countries do surveillance. Trump used the words ‘ wire tapping ‘ , but it is assumed , even by leading lawyers( Jonathan Turley of George Washington

University)  in the US , that he meant surveillance.

If we can get past Trump’s diction which we all admit is often inexact , we might be able to make some sense out of this , given its potential dangerous implications.

Michael Flynn,  when just a US citizen , has had information about his dealings leaked to the press. Most agree this is a felony.

So , we know of surveillance on Trump transition team people, since Flynn was one.

Is there more to the story?

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is now saying he saw evidence ( transcripts )  of information on American citizens , the names ‘unmasked ‘ , meaning the person’s names actually used, and that this was distributed widely to intelligence agencies .

This information on American citizens ( likely Trump people) was incidental information collected while surveillance was being conducted on foreigners .

Such incidental information on others , not the prime suspects , especially Americans ,  is supposed to remain anonymous and un distributed .

Nunes is more or less alleging that the incidental information , actual names on American citizens , likely Trump people, was revealed and distributed , both actions contrary to the rules governing such operations.

Obama in his last days did a very strange thing which really adds to the mystery and suspicion : he had an order issued permitting Intelligence information to be distributed to 16 –sixteen more intelligence agencies , in addition to the National  Security Council.

No one has given an explanation of why this was  done.

Given this information , and alleged information , both, —– they constitute why many are suspicious of as to what exactly is going on vis a vis intelligence gathering in the US , most particularly in a heightened political situation where the opposition party still has many of its sympathizers working for the new Government.

Add to this the fact that American Intelligence Agencies in the last few years have not performed well, in the Middle East, in Libya and on terrorism activity, and the embarrassing  American surveillance that has been released where conservative groups were targeted, James Rosen of Fox News was targeted , and even Chancellor  Merkel of Germany had her phone tapped .





4 thoughts on “Can I Put This in Simple Terms?

  1. Agree mainly with your comments, except trumpie is never exact….can mean anything with his tweets, like humpy dumpty and Alice in wonderland, mKe a word to mean whatever he wants. This is the only president ever that can’t spell president or precedent, it doesn’t matter if I can or not, I am not applying for that job…lol…as for chairman Nunes, he has lost all credibllity by running to trumpie rather than meeting with is committee first…he is just trumpie’s bum boy….


  2. Yes, trumpie uses the word wire tapping… he can’t spell more than four letter words like surveillance…..can use spell check….or certainly ms. Conway can….why not run it by her….lol


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