Hey, How About Some Global Questions?

North America

The US

Can the Trump Administration transition from campaigning to governing?

Is the Republican Party in Congress capable of Governing?

Can the Democratic Party get over it? And hence be a responsible opposition ?

South America

What about Brazil?

Are they able to move on from the corruption? Is real National governance possible.?


Will the new Government be able to stay the course?


How long before it implodes?


Can Prime Minister May’s Government manage the separation?


Is the anti eu/immigration wave halted as a result of the Netherlands vote?

Will the EU keep stumbling along or can they really break out? Can they really compete?

Will Merkle succeed to another term?

Whether Greece? Italy?

Will Erdogan win the referendum ? Is Turkey finished anyway?



Can the slower economic growth be managed under a closed political system ?

Can a closed political , open economic model work long term? Does it depend what country it is?


Is Modi on to something?

Will India be the new power house?

Is Afanghanistan impossible to govern?

Middle East

Is the two state solution i.e. Israel, Palestinians really dead?

Must Arab states become more democratic to succeed? Can ideology be tamed?

Who gains the power in the region?  Iran or the Sunni states ?

What happened to the Arab Spring?


South Africa

Can the present governing party reform . Or will it implode?

Is a civil war inevitable?


Is it improving?

Rest of Africa

Are there more successes than failures?


Can the UN reform itself?






4 thoughts on “Hey, How About Some Global Questions?

  1. The bigger question…..will the US remain the undisputed world leader under trumpie, or will China emerge as the world leader….with Russia and others snapping at the heels of America ?????


    • People have been predicting the demise of the US since I was in university . Hasn’t happened. The so called contenders now are so far down the competitive scale and governance scale that it is unlikely any time soon.


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