Germany Says No –Will Not Keep Its NATO Pledge


Now how do you like that !

Germany says it will not keep its pledge to raise its contribution to 2% of GDP as pledged by all NATO Countries. It can spend untold millions on immigration and refugee issues but cannot keep its international commitments to NATO.  This is the problem in Western Europe ! They smugly criticize the US on a host of issues and have the gall to turn around and renege on commitments made. The Americans should stand their ground on this . If Europe refuses than the US should reduce the money they spend to the average of Europe’s spending. Perhaps that is the only message that will get their attention.


By Lesley Wroughton and Gabriela Baczynska | BRUSSELS

Germany said on Friday that NATO’s agreed target spend of two percent of members’ yearly economic output was neither “reachable nor desirable” countering a call by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for all allies to comply and quickly.

The United States provides nearly 70 percent of NATO’s budget and is demanding that NATO allies make clear progress toward the agreed target this year. Only four European NATO members – Estonia, Greece, Poland and Britain – have done so.

“Two percent would mean military expenses of some 70 billion euros. I don’t know any German politician who would claim that is reachable nor desirable,” Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said at the first NATO meeting attended by Tillerson.

Tillerson, however, reiterated Washington’s demands and said allies will need to pay up or outline plans for how they plan to meet the threshold when NATO leaders meet on May 25 for the first top-level summit of the alliance. U.S. President Donald Trump will attend that meeting.

“Our goal should be to agree at the May leaders meeting that by the end of the year all allies will have either met the pledge guidelines or will have developed plans that clearly articulate how…the pledge will be fulfilled,” Tillerson said.

“Allies must demonstrate by their actions that they share U.S. governments commitment.”


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