Our PM Agrees To China Purchase of Montreal Technology Firm , Reverses Harper Rejection


Ah, yes, remember when I said , a few times , that our Princeling when asked what countries he admired was quick to say China. He liked their Governance, he said.

Well, if you thought that was just rhetoric , then think again.

The Harper Government in 2015 rejected the proposed taker over of Montreal based ITF Technologies by Hong Kong based O-Net Communications . Harper’s Government cited security reasons. A security report by National Defence and CSIS actually said :

‘If the technology is transferred , China would be able to domestically produce advanced military laser technology to Western standards sooner than would otherwise be the case , which diminishes Canadian and allied military advantages.’

Wow, pretty serious stuff! ITF is a advanced laser Technolgy company.

What has changed ?

Well a new Government ?

But what about the security report ? Is not that still valid?

Well, we really don’t know . Why?

Because the Trudeau Government has not released their own security assessment. 

Remember that great transparency Canadians were promised?

Oh, they have said they have attached conditions. What are they?

Can’t release that either , says the Government. 

O-Net , in a company presentation in 2015 , showed that 25% of their shares were owned by a Chinese Company that was a subsidiary of the state owned China Electronics Corporation.

Our PM obviously likes Chinese Corporate Governance just as much as he like Chinese Government Governance !

Of course, one has to ask the question–is there really any difference?

Don’t expect protests in the streets or in the House of Commons !

We’re too nice for that!




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