Why Press Disapproval Is High?

I just looked up CNN, CBC and New York Times .

No mention of the Susan Rice revelations .

Can you believe?

It is alleged that The former National Security Adviser for President Obama is named as the person who leaked surveillance data on Trump people before Trump became President. This , of course, gives credence to Trump’s earlier statement of surveillance —albeit Trump framed it as wiretapping . But whatever the ‘words ‘ it now looks very much like information was being collected on Trump people before Trump’s inauguration and after.

And this is not carried  by these three right now.

So division is no longer just Republican and Democrat , it is among news outlets all over North America.


4 thoughts on “Why Press Disapproval Is High?

  1. You are so full of bs…..and fake news…… I was watching cnn this morning and there were 2 interviews with Rice….and carried several times later….with commentators and all…..why spread false info….?????buck up …bucko ……lol…or as they say belly up….


  2. The press are totally on the former pres. side……..give the new pres. a chance! It is disappointing to see how journalist are able to wreck lives, people, and distort stories – ALL TO THEIR ADVANTAGE.


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