The So Called Good Press Are Gone , Too!

Take the Associated Press . It used to be known as one of the sources of ‘objective ‘ news . Just reporting the facts –being careful not to use words that would demonstarate a bias.

Ha! Forget it now.

Take the folollowing excerpt today on their website:



WASHINGTON (AP) – A Democratic senator yielded the Senate floor Wednesday after talking through the night to highlight his party’s opposition to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. But the theatrics from Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley could not change the outcome, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republicans prepared to steamroll Senate rules in order to eliminate Democrats’ ability to block Gorsuch with a filibuster. Merkley spoke all night, for more than 15 hours, finally stopping midmorning Wednesday with a final plea to colleagues to oppose Gorsuch, 49, a deeply conservative federal appeals court judge from Denver.


But , just read again.

‘Republicans prepared to steamroll vs Democrats’ ability to block —

Steamroll has a far more negative connotation than block —–

And more egregious is using ‘the deeply conservative federal appeals court judge —-‘.

And they could easily have avoided this characterization by saying that is how the Democrats view him.

It so happens that 97% of all the judges’ decisions were unanimous with two other judges.

And , a study done on all the Tenth Circuit Decisions( Gorsuch’s court) since 2006 on immigration and employment by the group ‘five thirty eight ‘ shows that Gorsuch decisions /opinions were all to the left of the left right median for all decisions rendered .

And AP would be aware of this –but wanting to repeat and obviously promote the progressive mantra it throws journalistic integrity out the window and insists on ‘deeply conservative .’

And all of this is done when Judge Gorsuch is praised by his peers and jurists of all political persuasions.

And , of course, , the Republicans  are left with no choice given the obstructionist actions of the other party, forcing not steamrolling the ‘nuclear option ‘ as it is called ..

So, folks , you are forced to seek out many news outlets.

One problem is that many outlets use AP as one of their sources .

Keep searching !There are lots out there as this blog demonstrates by using many sources.




4 thoughts on “The So Called Good Press Are Gone , Too!

  1. Too sensitive my boy…..but my interpretation….steamroll means the republicans Are bigger in the house, bigger in the senate and WH….when you are bigger you can steam roll ….a figure of a speach …which any good English teach would know…. I think.. This has not been done in 200 years, if I am in error…let me know…the necular option….the Dems could not steam roll when they put forth their nominee…garland…..since they did not have a majority….and were blocked by the GOP ….omg am I trying to defend the associated press…No …just my own thinking and what seems reasonable to me….but I will put most news media any day before most politicians …..the last resort to try and keep most politicians honest….wish we had them here in nl….we might not have been duped and strong armed into muskrat madness…..


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