Does Not Have the Temperment ? Oh , Ya!

Just  a few short months ago Donald Trump did not have the temperament .

My , My , My!

It would be dangerous to have him near the button. Remember that twisted , half conservative turned reluctant liberal , David Brooks fumbling on national television , trying to make sense of this dangerous person.

It was repeated endlessly not just by Hillary but by the the Emperor himself—the Fake Nobel Peace Prize Winner who dithered while the world deteriorated .

When I think about it , it is utterly frustrating —-here you had a guy who won the Peace Prize for nothing , then dithered in Syria, Ukraine, failed the reset in Russia, embarrassed Israel , apologized in Egypt —completely shagged up the Iraq problem that helped ISIS get a foothold and he has the gall to say that Mr. Trump should not be near the nuclear button———-did he even know where it was given these failures?

And now—–

Mr. Trump , this dangerous , temperament vacant man, sees opponents to whom he was giving the benefit of the doubt , almost dithering like Obama , take advantage of this Obama like dithering move, and make a big move ——but

Unlike Obama and many others—-it was a line too far—-killing with gas innocent people—Obama’s red line had been crossed alright–but now it was not Obama but a

Temperamentally sound Trump Who without announcing every move he was about to take , acted decisively, proportionally, and methodically.

Oh, are there enough eggs to go around?


2 thoughts on “Does Not Have the Temperment ? Oh , Ya!

  1. One day …or one event …does not a a president make….the verdict on this action is still out….in terms of repercussions….he was under the watchful eye of his handlers …madis and macmasters …not even 100 days yet….I would rather see these comments after 4 years…a long way to go …..temperament …has no real proof yet… And what’s his plan….on the fly??????


  2. Well I hope this leaves them finally in the dust. This mam was democratically elected – could he please now get on with the job without all the shouting from the back seatsI Give credit where credit is due. At least this one has balls.


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