Who Is Religious?

Who Is Religious

Pew Research has published its work on the countries that are most religious. That is the percentage of people in a country who say religion plays a very important part in heir lives . The survey was done in 2015.

It won’t surprise anyone that western industrialized countries on this score are not very religious—except the US.

For example:

Japan 11%, France 14% , UK 21%, Germany 21%, Spain 21%, Italy 27%, Canada 27%. Israel scores 34%.

However, the US scores 54%.

The most religious Ethiopia at 98%, Senegal at 97%, Indonesia at 95% and Pakistan at 93%.

Of interest , Jordan 83%, Palestinian Territories 74%, Lebanon 57%, Turkey 56%.

China 3%.

Of Major Religious Groups the Muslim Religion is to grow the fastest over the next 45 years at 70%, Christians 34%, Hindu 27% and Jews 15%.

By 2050 Pew projects the global population of Muslims to be 2.76 billion and Christians to be 2.92, Hindu 1.38 billion and unaffiliated 1.23 billion. Buddhists to be .49 billion and other religions .52 billion.


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