Trump So Far? C+

Trump Score —-C+

Well, 83 days in. Seems like a lot more

So what have we got?

We have an Administration trying to figure out who they are.

Domestically, both the White House and the GOP in the House have failed miserably on their health care actions. Paul Ryan seems not to have known his GOP colleagues and Trump naively trusted him.

On immigration ,which should have been a success , a poorly worded executive order showed the inexperience of the White House. And while in time the initiative is likely to succeed, the opening provided over zealous progressive judges a chance to gain the initial upper hand. The Great Wall is still being proposed but its momentum diminished.

In foreign policy most of the positions of the campaign and State of the Union Address seem to be melting . NATO is now good, the Russia coziness is gone, and a retrenchment is a far cry with outreaches to Egypt, Saudi Arabia , Japan and NATO.

On the positive side of the ledger:

Domestically , two important pipelines have been given a decided push as opposed to an almost certain elimination under Obama, regulations are being eliminated and/or streamlined , immigration actions by Attorney General Sessions have been implemented and illegal immigration is down considerably.

In foreign policy the action against chemical weapons use by Syria marks a major shift from the dithering Syrian policy of the Obama years , and no doubt is welcome news to US allies everywhere.

Of considerable interest and importance is the shifting positions of Trump and those who are to be the influence makers . The Palace Guard ,as I write , seems to be in flux with the family , daughter and son in law , seeming to gain advantage and the Bannon influence eroding. The Tillerson/ MacMaster/Mattis triumvirate seem to have taken over foreign policy , highlighting a more aggressive outward approach , in stark contrast to the campaign statements and early administration statements.

Still a very fluid situation . Trump may be getting his feet but there is some ways to go to see a more fully developed domestic and foreign policy agenda.


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