Scientists Protesting?

Begun in the US, scientists in many cities around the world are ‘protesting’ the fact that they may not be receiving the funds from Governments to which they have become accustomed .

This comes as a shock to me , and I am sure other Canadians , who thought with the elevation of our dear Princeling, scientists would be out on the streets not protesting lack of funds but kneeling in the public square thanking the Liberal Government for their largess and commitment to scientific research. Seems this did not happen . Rather, Junior Trudeau and his minions , true to Government procrastination , frequently highlighted especially in Liberal Party Governance, set up a committee to look at overall research in Canada. That Committee has now reported and highlights that Canada is falling behind in the level of Government sponsored research as compared to many of its peers. The report is titled:

Strengthening the Foundations of Canadian Research’

Its a good read .

What , of course, is not mentioned by this Committee of ‘Learned’ Canadians, is the fact that in very short order the Trudeau Government has spent money like druken sailors and we are now in permanent deficit for the foreseeable future. So , pray tell, where is the extra money to come from for the billions extra that the scientists say they legitimately need in order to stay competitive in the international research world? If these scientists say we mustdo our part on helping mankind , don’t you think that this would also apply to ensuring that we do not leave a legacy of debt to out grandchildren? Or does this suddenly become beyond their realm of expertise–a little addition and subtraction? Methinks their world is narrow , the antithesis of what they are suppose to be about.

The other problem today’s scientists have is that thay have allowed their ‘ profession’ to become inhabited by pseudo scientists who sole aim is to sputter catastrophe with flawed research . The Climate area is one in particular that has showed itself to be unscientific and has allowed itself to be bamboozled by ideologues who have tried to shut down legitimate criticism , going so far in Bjorn Lomborg’s case, as to try and have him essentially barred , which of course, failed miserably. The fake hockey stick theory that was destroyed by Canadian researches is another case in point , and the shaky models used by the IPCC.

Unless and until scientists face their problem of the lack of scientific rigour and allowing science to become political , as we all know it has , they will remain on the sidelines of government budget allocation.

The CBC report on this , this morning talks of the scientists being afraid to use the word protest thinking they then will get linked with all those lesser mortals seeking Government money . As if they have not already crossed that Rubicon in their many catastrophic protestations on climate .


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