Why Moo back ?

Canada missed a golden opportunity this week.

President Trump took a swipe at our Marketing Boards, dairy and stuff, and how they skewer trade between the two countries . And on that he is right. Oh, yes, the Americans are not lily white on this file either.But instead of trying to defend the indefensible on our side and just attack the Americans for their sins , we should have stood tall, and ,given that we are heading towards difficult negotiations , we should have acknowledged this quirk in our Agricultural policy and went on to counter that we acknowledge this particular agrivation for the Americans and are eager to sit down and negotiate with all items on the table as soon as possible , pointing out that both nations have important issues to raise.

To me, this would have been a better position to take rather than just taking the bait and acting very defensively.

Hopefully, Mr. Mulroney , a former PM, who it advising the Liberal Government , can get cooler heads to look at the big picture and not respond to a loquacious , tweeting President.

When the mouse is dealing with the elephant , it is better to cool one’s heels and take the high road.

It seems obvious that our American Embassy in Washington needs help .

Let’s hope the Princeling, Trudeau Junior, will listen to more mature voices.


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