American Political Constipation

The Republicans have put themselves in a real bind, haven’t they?

Here we are a week away from a probable shut down of Government operations, a stumbling Congress on Heathcare and Tax Reform and a Wall that most of Congress apparently does not want. The approval rating of the President is at record lows.

The golden opportunity that this presents to the Democrats is something that they could only dream about a few short months ago. But , of course, they have their own problems; many still clinging to the corrupt Clinton legacy , while many others are dogmatic on taking the party further to the left, Sanders like, than most Americans do not want to go.

And then a lot of Academia have become so far removed from what is happening on Main Street that political correctness has taken the cherished open discourse of Universities down the road of stifling free speech and acting child like when things do not go their way. Then, the so-called scientists among them , seeing their cherished projects threatened , begin to march on the streets of the country. Too bad they did not participate just as vigorously when the election was on. Add then the media to the mix , who no longer can recognize a fact when they see one and you have a sad state of affairs.


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