Did Trump Blink?

Hey, it sure looks like it!

The wall, the wall. Well, I wonder if it will be more like what already is , just a little enhanced.

The necessity to get some extension to financing the US Government on an interim basis comes to a head this week and the President had said any deal for the extension must include some financing to finance the wall on the southern border.

Well, this suddenly is no longer a condition for the interim deal .

Reports out of Washington from multiple sources say that even senior GOP politicians are expressing opposition to the wall as envisioned ; some even joking about how absurd the whole thing is.

This means that as the Trump budget gets before Congress over the next months it will be interesting to watch how this unfolds —–given the healthcare debacle so far and the desire for a major tax cut.

One cannot help but wonder that the wall , as a priority , is already in third place —tax reform and healthcare having taken over the real debate in the halls of Congress.

The other point is what this will do to Trump’s support , many of whom supported him because of his insistence on building this Great Wall.


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