Our Lying Defence Minister!

Did you read this , or hear about out? Our Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, in giving a speech in India , took full credit of being the architect of a major military operation in Afganistan when he was in the Canadian Military. The operation was called Operation Medusa and happened in 2006.

According to Lt. Col. Shane Schreiber (Ret), chief of operations for NATO in Southen Afghanistan , and I quote:
‘ Medusa had many architects . He( the Minister) was not one of them”

Another Miltary Officer very familiar with that operation called the Minister’s comments ‘a bold faced lie.’

Schreiber explained that Medusa was a particularly complex operation that involved a number of nations including the Dutch, the US, Afgan forces, British forces and US attack helicopters and fighter jets.

Sajjan , who thinking perhaps that somehow his remarks would only reach his Indian audience , was immediately corrected by people in the forces at the time.

Of course , the Minister was forced to apologize and even then he only recognized the Canadian element of the operation saying there were many Canadians involved . No mention of the other nations without whom the whole operation could not have been carried out. And he regrets he did not say at the time that there were other Canadians involved.

Not good enough!

He should have said he was not an architect of the operation at all. And apologized . And that there were many Canadians and other nations involved in planning and executing the operation.

Not the weasel words that he used. He lied!

He should resign or , if not, the Prime Minister should fire him.

Of course, our dear Princeling has not been careful about the truth , now has he?

So, if the Minister remains in his job( I have not heard that he is not in his job and it only made page 4 of the National Post today) , what , pray tell, am I to say to those students who ask me questions regularly on current affairs , if I am asked about the Minister’s remarks?

It is alright for Ministers but it is not alright for you?


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