God Guard Thee Newfoundland !

God Guard Thee Newfoundland

That is a line from the unofficial Anthem of my native Province, entitled the Ode to Newfoundland

It is very apt right now.

It seems that the highest ranking civil servant in the Province , the clerk of Executive Council , has been continuing to practice law while holding this high Government office. And that he has been involved in representing a person who had sued the Crown Corporation , NALCOR.

To add insult to injury Mr. Coffey , the person involved here, was appointed to this high post by Premier Ball even though he had been a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party , now occupied by the Premier. It is an obvious rule of Canadian Governments that the person who becomes clerk of executive council , the highest public service post , be someone well versed in Government practice and independent of politics.

What is even worse , if that is possible, is that when this information became public the Premier defended Mr. Coffey’ s continued involvement with his law practice while serving the Government.

Fortunately, Mr. Coffey has now resigned.

The fundamentals of good governance have flown the coup.

Leadership has become a UFO . Who knows whether is will ever land again!


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