Trump Blinks !

It looks like the Conservatives are loosing influence in the White House.

The Congress and the White House agree on a budget bill that takes the Government spending to the end of September , the end of the fiscal year. In doing so the Republicans have obviously capitulated on a lot of issues.

Perhaps the most prominent is the border wall. There is not one cent for it. There is some money alright but it is for general border security not to be spent on the wall. The only modest victory is more money for defence.

Additionally, money continues to flow to Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities and other areas like the EPA . These are specific areas that Trump and the Republicans said they wanted to review and to reduce funding. Not happening!

Trump and the White House is putting on a brave face . But there is no doubt that the Democrats claim that they won on this is essentially true.

The argument by the White House is that they will ‘ stand up’ in September , with Trump musing overnight that a good September shut down might be good for the country. But we have heard this before. And saying this in May and delivering later —?????? Even The Conservative Review led by Mark Levin is indicating that Conservatives are loosing any advantage they might have had in the White House. Ivanka and Compnay seem to be in the ascendancy.

Then there is the Immigration and Santuary Cities executive orders before the courts.

Trump’s gamble on a health care bill which it is now looks like no one will like and which will be further diluted by the Senate seems like a Hail Mary effort to be able to brag about a Legislative Success .

Then there is tax reform and infrastructure. One is beginning to wonder if these , too, will fall to a compromise which will render the original proposals unrecognizable .


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