Why Would CBC Say ” Odd Boast?

I read last night a CBC headline in an article on their website in which they characterized the Defence Minister’s lie as a ‘Odd Boast’. Why would the CBC try so hard not to call what the defence Minister said something other than a lie.

Well, I got to thinking.

Let’s look up their financial statements. The latest are up to the first nine months of their fiscal year 2016 .That is up to December 2016.

How much did the Government of Canada provide to the Corporation in those nine months?

Answer: $767,966,000 million

Total Expenses of CBC for that time : $1,229,689 Billion

How much did the Government provide the previous year ?

Answer: $666,074. million

So an 15% INCREASE FROM 2015 TO 2016.

Conclusion: Like the song: I can see clearly now—-

PS—-12:49 PM Pacific Time —Not one reference on CBC website to this story –National Post front page of paper and Globe and mail page 3.


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