Pity The Princeling’s Trade Advisors

Brian Mulroney and Derek Burney & Co. have their work cut out for them . They have been hired by the Federal Government to provide advice on the upcoming negotiations with the Americans on the NAFTA Agreement.

But Canada does not make it that easy now, do they?

Witness Christy Clark”s silly request to the Prime Minister to ban thermal coal shipments from BC. And an even sillier action by Clark that if the PM says no she will impose an export tax that she does not have the power to do.

Not to be outdone the PM responds quickly ( there is an election on in BC, remember) that he will consider the Premier’s request. Note the word consider–an attempt by the PM to provide cover to Clark until the election is done on May 9.

I read somewhere that A Canadian trade expert is quoted as saying that the best thing the Canadians can do is remain silent right now and just prepare for negotiations plus continue behind the scenes diplomacy. Of course, that behind the scene operation is pretty difficult when one is being sabotaged by Clark and Junior Trudeau.

Look, when you are the mouse, it is unwise to aggravate the elephant when you are about to sit down and talk deals. I note the US Commerce Secretary has already responded to the Canadian threats . Not a good sign .

Lots a luck Mr. Mulroney! You are going to need it.


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