BC Liberals Loose Majority , Minority Government in BC

Liberals in BC could not hold on to their Majority Government last night as the NDP and Green Parties improved their standings both in the popular vote and in the seats won.

BC Liberals end up with 43 Seats

NDP end up with 41 seats

Green Party end up with 3 seats.

The popular vote was Liberals with 40.84%, NDP with 39.86% and the Green Party with 16.75%

Clearly the people of the Province want a change with 56.61% voting for the NDP and the Green Party.

I heard the BC Liberal Leader say she intends to stay on but , of course , that will depend on the inevitable horse trading that will now ensue and the final tally which Elections BC says will come on May 22. Of course, recounts are also likely in very close ridings.

So , politics in Canada’s third largest Province is about to change.


2 thoughts on “BC Liberals Loose Majority , Minority Government in BC

  1. I read this as Tories, the ruling party, at 40%. A coalition of the Centre Left seems possible, for the moment. Maybe a New Liberal Party will rise. Not much change, in my mind, in this wonderful, politically convoluted Province. Will a Progressive Conservative Party reappear?


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