Trump: ‘You’re Fired !’

James Comey , is no longer Director of the FBI. President Trump fired him today. Of course, lots of commentary and surprise.

But it well known that Comey was speaking out of line for some time , usurping the role of the Attorney General. Just this past week he mis spoke before the Senate Committee and his Agency was forced to write a letter to the Committtee informing them that their boss was wrong . He had stated incorrectly that hundreds of thousands of e-mails were forwarded in the Clinton investigation.

Why now? This recent incident did not help and other incidents since last July but, the Deputy Attorney General , his immediate boss , has only been in his position since April 24. One of his first tasks was to examine the role of Senior people like Comey who holds his job as an appointment of the President.
This Deputy Attorney General, after review of Comey’s service, recommended that he be removed . The President accepted the recommendation. The Attorney General had earlier recused himself on the Comey activity.

This seems to be the core of the matter notwithstanding all the political noise.

The manner in which the mechanics of informing Comey of the President’s decision were handled is another matter and in these early hours commentary indicates that it was handled inappropriately .

And the plot thickens!


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